Find It! With Cadence Online Support

Cadence Online Support (COS) replaces SourceLink as the best place for Cadence customer self-help. Improved performance and usability will make you immediately more productive.

The new site has a new URL: -- but don't worry, your saved bookmarks to SourceLink URLs will automatically redirect.


Search is one of the most critical functions of any site, and the Search functionality for Cadence Online Support is no exception. The new site has employed a "best-of-breed" approach to choose a new search engine that works best in terms of the metadata-driven search methodology used at Cadence.

Search Results Improved

Users frequently complain about being overwhelmed with all of the different chapters of each version of a Product Manual. This has been changed drastically with Cadence Online Support so that each Manual appears once within the results list. From that entry, users can choose different versions of the Manual and different chapters within each version. Also, search results have been segmented so that different types of content are shown separately -- Product Manuals are no longer intermingled with other content.

Other new features of the Online Support search experience include:

Search is only as good as the content that it serves up. Customer Support has been working to enhance content and remove outdated content.

New or Improved Pages

Additional enhancements

Additional Information: