Searching is available from several places on the Online Support site:


Search area on the Online Support homepage 

The Search area on the homepage provides the ability to search Cadence's knowledgebase of support content. This feature can be easily personalized to your specific needs by setting product, platform and release preferences. For any search, you can also override your default selections. 

Enter words or phrases in the text box to search for content matching those words. 

If you have established release, product, and platform preferences, the default search will be restricted to those Products. If you have not established this preference, the default search will show All content.

Once you have executed your search, you can easily refine it from the search results page.

Search bar in the header 

A Search area exists in the header of most pages. This makes it easy to search from virtually anywhere on the Online Support site. 

Once you perform a search from the header area, the same set of operations is available as described in the refine your search section.

Search during Case creation 

When you are in the process of creating a new Case, the Support site will automatically search through all information using your stated problem. If you are able to find a solution to your issue, you can then cancel the Case creation process. Otherwise, you may continue to submit a new Case.

Search Syntax 

Search Type Usage Will find
Single-character wildcard Mi*rotech Returns documents that contain any word that matches the search word, with any single character where the * character is placed, like the terms Mikrotech or Microtech. Remember to check the Use * as wildcard option
Multiple-character wildcard Wilk* Returns documents that contains any terms that begin with Wilk, such as Wilkie or Wilkinson. Remember to check the Use * as wildcard option
Exact Match "world market" Returns documents that contain the exact phrase "world market". A document with the phrase "world copper market" would not be returned.
Boolean - AND cat AND dog This query only returns documents that contain both cat and dog.
Boolean - OR cat OR dog This query only returns documents that contain either cat, dog or both terms.