The Troubleshooting area provides the ability to search or browse through Troubleshooting Information available on the Online Support site. For more information, see the following:

Search for Troubleshooting Information 

The Search for Troubleshooting Information area allows you to find Troubleshooting content for a single Cadence product matching a problem description. Select the appropriate product from the list and then enter a textual problem description. Provide as much detail as possible to receive the best possible matches. Finally, press the Search button. The same set of Advanced Search Syntax options are available as in other search areas of the site.

You will be presented with a list of Troubleshooting documents that most closely match your problem. If, after reviewing the results, you do not find an answer or workaround that meets your needs, you can easily create a Case without having to re-enter product or problem information. Note that you must have sufficient entitlement to create a Case.

Troubleshooting Search versus Homepage Search

Performing a search in the Troubleshooting area is equivalent to performing that search on the homepage of the Online Support site with the Troubleshooting Info Document Type and individual product selected. The benefits of using the Troubleshooting form to perform this search are that you can more easily enter a large set of text for your problem description and can also escalate to a Service Request without having to re-enter any product or problem information.

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Most Recent Troubleshooting Information 

The Most Recent Troubleshooting Information area allows you to browse Troubleshooting documents matching your Search product preferences, if you have established this preference, or all products. You can view all such Troubleshooting documents by selecting the Matching All Products option on the drop-down menu.

Click the View All link to view the entire list of Troubleshooting documents. This provides the same functionality as the Troubleshooting Information page within the Resources area of the site.

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